January 31, 2011

I have lovely friends

Dawn randomly bought me flowers one day

Aren't they pretty? And they're still alive, which is nearly a miracle because I forgot to put them in water for 2 days. It now resides in a Corona beer bottle on my desk in front of my clothes-line board of love. This is because I have no vases at home.

When Ian went to Europe he bought this home for me:

IT IS AN INSULT BUTTON!! It is the best invention ever!! You press the red button and it says things like "YOU HAVE DEPRIVED A VILLAGE OF AN IDIOT"
Which is terribly mean but very funny. There was a period of time when I actually went through all the insults twice.

Okay back to

This is me carrying them:

I am clearly displeased. We also clearly need to get a shoerack for Dawn's shoes. Mine are hidden near the front of the photograph, but I'm just going to pretend the mess of shoes only belongs to Dawn and not me.


  1. I know, our shoe area is such a mess!! Thanks for your lovely comments btw (: