February 15, 2011

My valentine!

For some reason, we always get screwed over by SF traffic on important coupley days (for our first anniversary, D had an interview in San Francisco and couldn't make it back in time to pick me up for our dinner reservation in SF ...so we went to Chez Panisse. Haha.); this time he took nearly 2h to get out of the city and I was grumpy and hungry at home (after taking more than an hour to escape the city- East Bayers are serious about their valentines, clearly)

And because it was raining... we had a Valentine's day picnic on my bed (instead of Golden Gate Park, the original unsecret venue) in our PJs instead.
(well, I was in my PJs. D was in his work clothes)

Crepevine, vitamin water, and strawberries from Andronico's YUM.

And the prettiest flowers ever (I have no eyes)- the most gorgeous lilac flowers, the grassiest, mossiest ferns and little wildflower-looking filler flowers, small clustered peach roses, and 2 red roses "because it's our second valentine's together" (:
This comment in response to my, "red roses are so boring why do you always include them in my bouquet!" yes I am super picky /annoying about flowers! My mother does floral arrangements. Clearly I have inherited her discerning taste.

(Also check out my light yellow with purple elephants PJ pants- my mother chose the fabric for me and sewed them for me. It's this amazingly soft flannel, and my mother proudly triumphantly exclaimed when I received them, "the fabric's from the baby section!!! I knew you would like it!!!!!")

Chocolate. In a cardboard pink polka dotted heart box- so adorable and perfect. All the chocolates sound so yummy that I feel like I'll never eat them!

The best (:
(No matter what happens tomorrow! ):)

Berkeley is dreary and rainy, and will remain so for the next few weeks. I remember how sad and upset I was throughout freshman spring because of the rain, but this time I will not let it defeat me!! I have polka dotted rainboots and strength of spirit! Though the long, longgggg day tomorrow (work at 8am, internship at 11am, case prep workshop 5pm, TBG 7pm-10pm; collapse) is making me a little sad.
I also think I need to get a new camera- the focus on this camera is ridiculous. Any suggestions? Legit camera or Mexico for spring break? US or Singapore for the summer?

Wow, life's most important questions distilled into a single line.

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