February 9, 2011


There are times when you want something so much you would do anything to get it. And then there are times when you just say, okay, I've had enough, I'm just going to go in and be silly and be normal and if you like me, you like me. I can be serious and I can be stupid, and now looking back and dissecting my conversations, I was more often stupid than serious- but that's really who I am. I love the work that I do; I actually like the person I've become and how much I have learnt and grown this year. Maybe this is part of being "chill"

Hmmmm. But anyway, the upshot of this post is: today I wrote a kickass email at work (yes, we have to celebrate the small victories), today I was utterly myself with all my diverse interests and dreams and opinions, and while I should have been more serious/ intense, I wasn't, and that's that. Moving on~

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