February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day weekend!

AAAAAGGHHH I can't write. ): I'm 2/4 (or 2/3, depending on how long I want it to be) through my Stein paper and 1/3 through my Shakespeare paper (barely) and they are due TOMORROW 7.30AM (which is the time I have to haul ass down to the Haas computing center to get them printed in time for class). Plus I have the wealth and poverty midterm on Friday to study for. College student whine~

Presidents' Day weekend was actually really fun. I don't really remember what I did, except that I didn't spend enough time on homework. Which is why I am in agonies now.
Though I did:

1. Have lunch with Amy at Southie's, a new sandwich place on College opposite Safeway. Their grilled cheese... perfection. Next time I go back I want to try their pulled pork sandwich. Or their meatball sandwich. And possibly their desserts. Mhmmmm.
2. Get Ici's over the one sunny/warm day in the weekend. Though sadly not my beloved caramel with caramelized bacon, which sounds gross but is THE best ice cream in the world.
3. Go for the Cal v. UCLA game
(crappy resolution photos from D's iPhone)

And not sit in the student section )): (This is the view of the student section during halftime, btdubs. Spot the kid in the ridiculous yellow banana. And it's super not clear, but there actually were guys in full-on body paint with CALIFORNIA and CAL! Oh crazy student section, I love you.)

The game was EPIC. We were leading for forever, then suddenly in the second half everyone forgot how to shoot and we kept missing rebound shots. THEN UCLA scored a three pointer to equalize the game in the LAST 6 SECONDS OF THE FINAL HALF
(that was incredible. I thought things like this only happen in movies!! But no, they happen at the Haas Pavilion during regular men's basketball games. Plus I thought that the slow motion arc of the ball through the air and the final swooshing through the net thing was constructed by the movies- BUT NO. The ball really does move that slowly and the swoosh really is that loud even in real life. Then the crowd explodes.)
And then we went into 5 minutes of overtime (and I was dying; I kept saying "Can we just win already??? This is not good for my heart")- AND THEN in the final 1 second of the game, the coaches kept calling for time outs, which made my chest hurt because seriously? One second? Just freaking let us win (we were ahead by 4 points). Serious props to #2 who got so many crutch free throws (new vocab, my coolness has gone up exponentially since watching this game) and who has serious skills.

4. Attend Yiting's and JF's birthday party

Ian's face is classic. I also fell asleep halfway through all this excitement...I am SUCH a party animal.

5. Sleep, buy a panini press for $2 from a yard sale (SERIOUS SCORE), research for my papers, think about my papers, not actually write my papers, cook a kickass meal and had rootbeer floats with the Benvenue family, make lots of coffee, etc.

My head has been hurting like crazy for the past couple of days (yesterday was the worst- even after a nap and paracetemol it still felt like a rubber band was squeezing my brain.) Hopefully this is just because I am stressed about my papers (and procrastinating writing them by writing about things that I can write more easily about- like my life) and midterms. Though I think we did pretty well on our marketing presentation, which made me skip through school merrily despite a bag that weighed like a small child and having the mother of all headaches.

I'm so excited to be going for the S.D. opening night party on Friday!!!! I can NOT wait for this weekend to come. Hope everyone's week is going well!

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