March 14, 2011

5 things I'm grateful for: March 14, 2011

1. Midpoint!
- 7h work session in the Deutsch lounge
- Obsessive poring over Powerpoint slides until 2am
- Taking 20min to get to Haas in stubby little heels
- Presenting, laughing, gaining new understanding
- It was awesome. SO much time, but so amazing. To know that your work can actually have so much impact. And that you're doing work that doesn't just affect the tiny Cal bubble, but a larger Bay Area bubble that can create a ripple effect that hopefully changes the way corporations do things.
- More work to come! But I am so pumped about it.

2. Sunday tea with Jerrine
(: I miss long conversations with friends about life. While drinking tea (see...I am totally becoming British), eating dimsum, having yummy noodles, and sitting beside a fake stream.

3. That the tsunami didn't hit California /the Bay Area as hard as predicted
Juju woke me up at 6am on Friday morning to ask if she could come up 2 storeys to hang out with me because her mother was convinced that it was safer to be with someone else in case the tsunami hit Berkeley.
At that time, I had been running on an averaged 5h of sleep a night that week, and mumbled into the phone, stayed awake long enough to let Juju in, and fell promptly asleep. So I'm assuming that even if the tsunami DID hit Berkeley, I would have just slept through it.

I found this amazing picture via Albert on Facebook:

THAT IS EMERYVILLE. Where IKEA is. I pass through it every Monday and Wednesday on the F on the way to San Francisco. Where the cranes are, that's where the bus route travels through. It's actually kind of scary how close the tsunami came to us. Not forgetting how devastating it was/ continues to be to Japan. ):

Why is it Pi Day, you might ask? Because it is 3.14 --> and hence mathematicians and other similarly math-loving people have seized the opportunity to celebrate it. I choose to celebrate its homonym instead. The math department also bought pies for everyone today I think! Not being on campus on pi day = ))):

I think Dan and I went a little overboard with our pie celebration though, haha.

We got chocolate creme, lemon meringue, and banana cream pies from Nation's. I love Nation's! Their pies are so yummy and relatively affordable. I actually REALLY LOVE their chocolate creme pies, but they only had half a pie left so I filled the rest with lemon meringue. Which is yummy, but not as yummy as chocolate creme. Plus the lady who served us had mad skills. I want to learn how to slice a pie in half that fast and that precisely!

Dan is super excited. (note utensils in hand, ready to pounce.)

I am excited. But exhausted. Ugh eye bags. I also really like my outfit today (shorts from Zara, sweater tights, dad's oversized blue stripy shirt, cream knitted cardigan from Mars)- perfect comfy outfit for rainy weather.

Anyway, the pie was yummy. I love pi day.

5. One week to spring break.
1 blog quiz, 1 5 page paper on unions, 1 marketing individual case write-up, 2 plays, and couple of readings to go. I can do this. For some reason, I always seem to DESPERATELY need spring break. Even more than I do Thanksgiving. And it's weird, because Thanksgiving comes much later in the semester than spring break.

6. OH! And I bought 2 Sarah Dessen books for $8 on Sunday. I love Sarah Dessen. You have no idea as to the extent of my love for her. I've read dreamland, possibly 5 times prior to today, and I STILL teared on the bus home, and refused to continue reading on until I could get home to BAWL while reading the novel.
(She is also good friends with my other all-time favourite YA author Laurie Halse Anderson- I read Speak 8 times. From the library. I borrowed it 8 times in the span of 2 years. YES. This is the extent of my YA book obsession. Should I curl up in a corner and hang my head in English major shame now?- which makes my head blow a little. Laurie Halse Anderson pulls for Georgetown basketball. !!!!!!! I almost went to GTown! We could have been best buds! Squeak.)

So yes to summarize, I have a crazy love for YA novels. Anne of Green Gables will forever remain my favourite book (that was the only book I brought to Berkeley from home. This is how much I love Anne. Okay, then I brought over The Great Gatsby, and I'm probably going to request my Rilke and my Marie Howe, because God knows I can't borrow poetry from the libraries here. But you know, it was Anne first.)

And now I'm sitting here listening to my Eric Whitacre CD (you know my mad love for him), and some chill Jason Mraz, thinking about having more pie, etc. I'm kinda tired, but life is still good. Onward Tuesday!

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