March 24, 2011

Adorable Sherwin-Williams commercials

I spent yesterday sprawled on the couch in my PJs and an oversized sweatshirt. I watched TV basically for 12h straight (and only left the couch to get food from the kitchen or to use the bathroom)- it was the EPITOME of a PJ Day (these days I used to give myself in freshman year, where I would not change out of my PJs and stayed in my room the entire day sleeping, reading, and using my laptop).

I watched tons of reality TV (my love for the Kardashian clan -klan?- and The Hills is well-documented), and styling shows from HGTV, and I kept rewatching these ADORABLE commercials from Sherwin-Williams!

These aren't the actual commercials being aired now, but are the only ones that I could find on Youtube. The latest commercial is in the same vein, but uses hotair balloons and cities/ shadows instead. It is so creative and perfect! (Also- in the second posted video, how amazing is the ribbeting frog?)

Okay well, back to work + backlogged emails. Spring break is SO terrible for me because I have a cough now/ am sick, and it's raining, so I basically have ZERO reason to get out of bed and get work done even though I actually do have work that I need to complete by the end of spring break!! Especially since I'm the type who oscillates between being the most productive person ever and cranking out 2 essays + a bajillion emails + applications in one evening, and the couch potato who literally cannot find the strength to leave the couch, even if it's just walking to the kitchen.


  1. was just about to blog about this.. but couldn't find the hot air one to post ;;) aren't they just aweSOME?! ? ;)

  2. YES!! I adore them. I'm really sad that the official Sherwin-Williams Youtube channel hasn't put them up on Youtube yet ): But they are so creative and adorable! I really wonder who their ad team is...