March 16, 2011

Ching chong means that I love you~

So the beautiful video that is Alexandra Wallace's, UCLA student and aspiring model, rant against
- Asian parents and grandparents who crowd into their Asian kids' apartment complex and so completely shelter them and don't allow them to fend for themselves
- Asian kids who talk on their phones in the library, "chingchong linglong tingtong" about the "tsunami thing"

has received an incredible amount of backlash, but my favourite response is this:

I think it's actually pretty good! (Dawn thinks it sounds like a national day song) Plus it's being sold on iTunes now.

My thoughts upon watching the video were:
- Damn that's a good pushup bra
- I didn't realize poli sci in UCLA was so chill that you would have the time to actually film a rant like this
- UCLA is the only UC campus without an American Cultures requirement... huh.
- Actually, I think I was more amused than anything else. Maybe it's because I am extremely well-adjusted to my Asianness (having grown up in Asia and being in a university with a 40% Asian demographic) and so can laugh off such comments because I have never been personally affected by racism.
- Also because the responses are just way too hilarious. Especially the autotuned rap.
- The only thing that really annoys me about this is when people start supporting her and start ranting about how Asian people have taken over America and are stealing American jobs etc. --> Asian people can be Americans too. Please stop talking, and take an Asian American studies class asap.

I love how Youtube videos become so viral on the UC campuses so fast. E.g. Rebecca Black's Friday, possibly the worst song in the world...

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