March 3, 2011

Fashion-related rambling

I actually really love reading WSJ's fashion coverage.
This graph is a great graphical representation of influences

Though I wouldn't exactly call Rodarte (Party Girl) Frills!! And Diane von Furstenberg and Donna Karan don't seem very minimalist to me (Celine and Jil Sander should be in there!! Maybe even Lanvin. Though Lanvin is for sure not practical)

I am also madly in love with Steven Alan's spring collection

The first white dress and the last outfit with the slouchy brown cardigan and shorts- perfection.

The Bay Area was really sunny for a while, but a storm's rolled in and it was dreary and cold today, so I went to Zara and got a grey top that is probably more expensive than it should have been (it was $43, but I REALLY felt like buying something). And as a sneaky little footnote: all of today's announcements about the new iPad 2 came from MY WORKPLACE. Beams. Yes, Steve Jobs and the iPad 2 was within my grasp. Only burly security guards with tasers standing in my way...

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