March 21, 2011

The first weekend of spring break

Guess where we decided to go for spring break?

El Cerrito, CA!! Yes, that is snow in Northern California. Pictures taken on Friday night. Isn't that absolutely ridiculous? Okay I actually think it's hail (though- what's the difference between hail and snow?), and it hailed pretty hard on Friday. I could barely hear the radio in the car over the clunking of the hail falling on the roof.

Yes, clunking is a word.

Spring break so far has been super, super chill. It is very terrible as I have not had an intellectual thought in my head for the past 3 days. I have either been 1. sleeping 2. watching E! 3. watching MTV/ reruns of The Hills (isn't it crazy that The Hills started wayy back in 2006?? TV Guide network was playing reruns of The Hills season 2 or something, from 2007, and I actually still remember some of these scenes, which is a little scary).

We did, however, take a trip to COSTCO!!

This is what greeted me upon arriving at Costco. ROWS AND ROWS OF CARTONS. (This clearly was my first time at Costco because I was GAPING at everything in a slightly dazed awe) It was just so. much. food. and stuff. contained in one place. We actually went to Costco to stock up on water and packet food because we were being Prepared Singaporeans

The cart of earthquake preparedness!! See: much water (1 gallon a day for 3 days per person) and nutritious snacks (Special K cereal, packed pastries, rice krispies, cranberries). Oh and we also got flashlights and spaghetti sauce. It is totally possible to spend $300 at Costco without even realizing it- it is a terrible, terrible store. I also lost my phone at Costco (???? I don't even know how this happened, honestly. I think I left it at the cashier's) BUT there are honest people in the world. My belief in the goodness of people is rejuvenated, because we found it at the lost and found office. Thank God!! It was my christmas gift from my parents and my brother helped me pick it out and set up all the Blackberry things on it so it wouldn't have just been the monetary value of losing it but all the love behind the gift that would have made me really sad.

For some reason, we decided to drive an hour to Davis to eat at the Davis Sushi Buffet (which apparently has been talked about incessantly and everyone loves it etc)

Cute little boats! Carrying sushi! (and yummy seaweed salad) And the chefs prepare the sushi right in front of you. They have MAD SKILLS it is crazy the speed at which they slice avocado. I bed they'd be really good at fruit ninja.

We ordered plates of sashimi. SOOOO good. The salmon sashimi is REALLY GOOD. I actually think it's salmon belly and not just salmon because there were all this yummy streaks of fat, and we seized the opportunity to try weirder sashimi like white tuna and super white tuna (though I should have tried mackerel!)

And there were oysters and clams, and teppanyaki (which wasn't very yummy) and ebi tempura- and all of it was pretty good! Thumbs up from Dan.

Dan eating an innocent baby octopus.

Davis Sushi Buffet is at:
707 2nd St
Davis, CA 95616

For the amount of food we ate... it was well worth the $18. The sashimi and clams make it so worth it, and despite it being a buffet the rolls and sushi is of decent quality! I think they have exactly the same menu for lunch, but lunch is $14, so we're definitely making a return trip to Davis for lunch AND to check out the UC Davis campus because I heard that there's a cow with a hole in its stomach (and which is still alive!!) The area around this buffet place also looks really cute (it reminds me of 4th Street but with less expensive stores) so I definitely want to go back and walk around.

I've also been cleaning up the apartment and FINALLY cleaned the toilet- no one actually talks about how unglamorous living on your own is. I feel like I could devote my entire day to cleaning and washing dishes. And we live in a one-room apartment. But it feels so good to finally live in semi-clean apartment again, and to be able to nap for hours at a time without worrying about answering email or going for meetings. I mean, I love being busy and involved, but it's so good to just take a step back and watch some mindless TV sometimes. Yay.

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