March 6, 2011


I feel really bad because I haven't been working much + spending a LOT of money on food. And not even good food at that! It's like if I go to school and can't be bothered to make a sandwich in the morning or get up early enough to make coffee- I buy a hot link panini and iced vanilla latte at Haas (this is literally my order every time), or if I go to work, I get tempted by the crepes on Howard/Mission or run out to get Chinese food for lunch because I ALWAYS never pack anything even though I know I'll be hungry by lunch. This is very annoying because I'm spending money on food that I can spend better elsewhere e.g. Ici's (yum), clothes (oh Zara, you crush me with covetousness), books (I want the new Nicole Krauss!), travel, etc.

So starting this week I have resolved to start preparing daily meals in advance that I can bring to class or work and easily heat up in a microwave!

Have already made my Monday lunch:

Spaghetti with cream sauce and sausage! This was ridiculously easy to make (and cheap)- I made a quick Safeway run tonight because Juju and I were going to make salted caramel cupcakes. The spaghetti was $1 for a huge box, the cream sauce was $3, and the sausage was $2, which makes the total cost of this meal to be $6 (BUT I still have 3/4 of a bottle of sauce full, tons of spaghetti left, and 7 sausages!!). Just felt like detailing out the money I spent on one single meal so that I will be a little more conscious about how much I'm spending on food ):

Gratuitous shot of food (food input?? Raw materials??) that I'll be using this week. Yes, I love garlic.

Monday breakfast: yoghurt and coffee. And a banana
Monday dinner: mashed potatoes, chicken, and green beans. My potatoes have SPROUTED which is super gross, but I did a quick google search and apparently it's okay, as long as you cut the sprouts away and the potatoes are still firm and unwrinkly. Though all potatoes look wrinkly to me, so that won't really be the best gauge for me. Our potatoes are pretty firm though!

Tuesday lunch: sambal fried rice with egg and shrimp
Tuesday dinner: curry noodles with sausage if I come home in time; inevitable takeout if I have to rush off for my meeting right after work

Wednesday lunch: rice + chili chicken + some vegetable + fried egg (this is very Singaporean I realized! I should try to make coconut rice and it'll practically be nasi lemak. But not really. ):)
Wednesday dinner: takeout (won't have time to run home to cook between coming back from the city and meeting)

Okay I haven't decided what I want to cook for Thursday yet. But TINY STEPS. Hopefully I'll be able to last until Wednesday with my plan with a twice maximum of buying takeout! Now I know why my mum used to sit down at the start of every week and plan the menu for the week- I used to think this was superfluous and was unnecessarily pretentious because okay, I love my parents, but they don't own a restaurant so they can't call it a MENU *rolls teenager eyes*

Now after needing to cook and fend on my own, I have realized that the merits of planning a weekly menu are IMMENSE!! They include:
1. Not making 5 Safeway runs in the course of a week
2. Ensuring that you finish up all the food in your fridge
3. Making sure that even if you wake up at 8am for an 8am class (this happens to me way more times than I care to admit), you still have packed food for the day
4. Being more organized at life, and being more organized = win.

Wisdom points:
Parents: 94739224; Gen: -5

Okay I'm going to finally write my blog post for my modernism class and then head to bed so have a good week everyone! And feel free to share how you eat healthily and save money on eating out (:

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  1. the spaghetti and cream sauce with sausage looks yummy and fun!