March 3, 2011

"A Health and Safety Issue" = people on the roof of Wheeler Hall

So. I missed yesterday's protests because I was in the city, and missed all of today's drama because I was in Haas 1-4pm for class. Which means I missed the "health and safety" issue that caused Wheeler to be closed this afternoon because there were people on the roof protesting the budget cuts. Though I did hear a lotttt about it walking through campus this evening.

Images from the Cal TV blog

Things I'm grateful for:
- Being in a place that allows for such freedom of expression
- Having peers who are so committed to the cause of public education that they are willing to risk their lives (no matter what of a dumbass move one might have thought about this, it is still very brave)
- Being in Berkeley and finally learning about what it means to have political voice

Things I'm not so thankful about:
- People who demand that higher education should be free. No. Would you treasure something you got free? (e.g. I got free lip gloss at Calapalooza. Don't know where it is. Should higher education fees be prohibitively expensive, especially when the UC public system was designed for the Californian taxpaying public? No. Is higher education a right? Debatable.
- Those who pull fire alarms and deface our walls. Dumb.
- The $150m budget cut to the UC budget, and the increase in fees from $33 to $66 per class at Berkeley City College. Plus an Operational Excellence model that makes it easier to fire employees.
- Regents who don't seem to understand that they are dealing with actual human lives, and people who might not otherwise have had a chance to go to college when they cut scholarship programs.
- The helicopters. They are noisy, plus, how much do they cost??? Could that have paid for another math class on campus??

Do I support the protests? To some extent. Do I dislike that it seems that everyone (who aren't even Cal students) is jumping on the bandwagon and forwarding their agenda? YES. Do I dislike people who don't think things through, pull fire alarms, disrupt midterms and class, and waste more money on firemen who have to come to campus even though everyone knows there is no fire? YES, YES, YES, AND YES.

I don't know... there must be more efficient ways of making one's voice heard.

Favourite understatement of the day:
"I'm very concerned about safety," Noah Stern, ASUC President said. "Falling four stories would not be good."

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