March 15, 2011

Team Awesome Young Sexy

Also known as, what I've been doing for the past week, and what I should be working on now.

Pictures pulled from Mattan's Facebook of us frolicking in Haas after midpoint.

Today was a rainy dreary terrible day (v. Saturday! These pictures were taken on Saturday!! How could it have been so nice out then and so crappy now? Rawrr.), but I got back my Shakespeare paper and it validated why I am an English major. Yet at the same time- WHY do I judge myself and my worth based on my grades? Just because I get an A for the class doesn't mean I'm the smartest/ the A doesn't have any bearing or indication on how intelligent I am (or am not) and how much I know (case in point: B+ for Middle English last semester despite a 97% final, and I still can hold a decent conversation about Paradise Lost). Plus I'm pretty sure the only reason why I did well was because my reader was really chill. Which, compared to my hardass graders last semester (and hence the crappy grades last semester), is a good thing for my grades, but not necessarily a good thing for my growth. This grade is somehow so much less satisfying than if I had gotten it last semester from A or S, but at the same time there is still a satisfaction that I'm doing well in the class.

English grading is just too subjective. And I should stop measuring myself against my GPA. And I should get started on my Wealth and Poverty paper.

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