April 30, 2011

Beanery Coffee

What a good Saturday:

- Delicious roast beef sandwich which I devoured: SOO good. I got my sliced wheat toasted, so now the inside of my mouth feels a little bruised. But so worth it.
- Half-finished iced Vietnamese coffee... this place has good coffee. Very good coffee indeed.
- Andrea's hair is a synecdoche of Andrea herself
- Half-written English paper
- Desecrated copy of Sunday Morning: I need to learn how to annotate better because my notes are confusing me haha
- Gorgeous Saturday weather
- The anticipation of even more yummy food (sashimi salad from CU Sushi) in the near dinner future

I can't imagine ever leaving Berkeley. Also, I want to live on College. They should just transplant Wheeler (English department) and Haas onto College. Or North Berkeley. And then my life will be complete.

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