April 10, 2011

Beautiful Berkeley

Taking a little blog break in between doing research for TBG... why oh why is market research composed primarily of statistics? ): I've been trying to read and understand all these tables with regression statistics and T-tests and I am COMPLETELY lost.

So I decided to post some gorgeous pictures instead!

I can't believe how pretty these pictures turned out- I took some of these on my Blackberry; and some of these were taken when I was walking up Dwight today past People's Park. This is one of the times when I'm actually happy I live near People's Park (and not terrified of being mugged or interrupting a drug deal). I guess it just goes to show how beauty is in EVERY facet of the world, and we just need to be a little more open to it. One of my resolutions this year has really been to focus more on the good things in life instead of always whining about the bad (I tried to give up complaining for Lent... but it was too hard. haha), and to really live in the moment; to really appreciate how truly privileged I am to be here and to be at peace/ continually joyful even though I might get stressed and tired.

This morning, I saw the homeless guy who usually sits outside Subway again (he's my favourite Berkeley hobo), and he was just so joyful and encouraging- everyone who passed by got a "Good morning! How are you today!" even though most people ignored him or were rude to him. It's just so amazing how some people can have so little yet be filled with so much contentment and inside happiness.

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