April 16, 2011

Cal Day: a lie. Berkeley weather is never this good.

I honestly think the UC Regents have some sort of underground pact with the weather gods that be. HOW is it possible that the past week of 12C weather with gloomy, overcast skies suddenly, magically, becomes this AMAZINGLY gorgeous, blazingly blue Californian day? And ONLY on Cal Day. This happened last year too!!!!!

Ugh. How gorgeous does the sky look? This is a lie, prospective students; Berkeley does not always look this good...

I took these pictures in the sun (when I basically couldn't see anything), so it's really funny to see how they all turned out-- and how each picture seems to have some sort of Cal-related thing!
[1] yellow and blue CAL on the windows of Eshleman Hall (my 2nd home)
[2] The Big C (we stargazed there in freshman year when there was a meteor shower! The climb up was... not fun)
[3] The Campanile peeking out on the left
(all pictures from my stationary position on lower Sproul)

Spent the entire day (8.30am-3pm) tabling:

For a whole bunch of organizations, but mostly for CREATE, my favourite (:

So much blue and gold love! Cal Day is so much fun; all the departments really BRING IT and the science departments were out in full force. It was pretty awesome. I kept fielding questions from parents with little kids (they looked like they were in middle school, but they were asking me serious Cal questions), and I honestly thought freshmen were shrinking... until I asked one of them, and he told me he actually WAS in middle school. Phew. And he wants to be an engineer and study engineering at Cal. I told him engineering was hard.
Way to break a kid's heart, Gen. :/

It was just nice to see such a huge turnout and all the great organizations we have tabling.
Days like this... make me so proud and happy to be a Cal student. Go bears!

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  1. Ha.. false advertising! It does look gorgeous there. It's so true that people seem to be getting smaller (hopefully we don't realize this because we're getting older and that's the way it's always been?)