April 18, 2011

Getting more out there

Today at work I was struck by how much I don't take advantage of being in the Bay Area, and being more aware of the arts events that are happening around me ): SF has such a vibrant arts scene that it seems ridiculous that I shouldn't go out more. In a way this is because I never have the time or inclination to do so- I'm always busy, running around, in class, doing Stuff that I never get the chance to do things that I love, like museums and dressing up to go out for a performance. And I would like to say, this must stop, me not taking advantage of all of this, but I am often tired, and have sufficient self-knowledge to know that I cannot do EVERYTHING and get able to dress up and go out at night. I get burnt out all too easily, and I get super cranky if I don't get enough time to chill on my own.

But AHHH! Life is so tempting- especially since I post on a ton of calendars as part of my internship, and hear of so many cool things through my internship. Some of my favorite calendars are:

I love their photo of the day. Their events calendar took me forever to find, but I love their huge pictures and exuberant reviews. They're just really offbeat and provocative, which is not usually my style (I like- more traditional art. More minimalist art. I sometimes feel like modern art is too avant garde for the sake of being avant garde)

Is less calendar, more lifestyle; but I love their simple layout, them always featuring creative people I really admire (case in point: a paper flower garland tutorial from Acme Party Box)-- everything about the website appeals to me aesthetically.

I subscribe to the physical 7x7 magazine (and the people who work there- so kind and helpful! I had to call them up to get an extra 7x7 shipped to the workplace, and they were so gracious about it), but I actually love their website more because of the right bar! It has a huge list of restaurant openings and upcoming concerts, which is really convenient for lazy people like me.

One of the things I really want to do more of, though, is to make use of my free admission to the Legion of Honor (they have a really great collection of impressionists now) and the Berkeley Art Museum!! I really want to check out the Hans Hofmann exhibition and Skin- which is about the novel that was tattooed word by word on individuals' skin, and I'm really sad that I missed the Eva Hesse one ):

There is just too much that this world has... too much to do and see and feel and be! How can any one individual do everything ):

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