April 15, 2011

Public Leadership dinner

Today was kind of a crappy day.
It was long (all my days have been long, though I am proud of myself that I haven't skipped class all week. Sometimes I justify it to myself- oh, I'm so tired; oh, I slept 3 hours last night and I deserve to skip English to sleep in- No. It is never excusable to skip class; I've skipped the most class this semester, approximately 3 lessons for every class, and this is unsustainable and I am wasting tuition. And so this must stop and this has stopped, starting this week.)

A little background: I take a class called Strategic Philanthropy (UGBA 192N for any Cal students interested). We got a $10,000 grant from the Sunshine Lady Foundation (Warren Buffett's sister, Doris Buffett, runs this foundation, and she's the sweetest lady that you will ever meet. She said that my group was brilliant and she would hire us !!!!), and an extra $2,000 from an alumni donor, and today we voted to award the grants to the organizations.
And my nonprofit didn't win... and was also the first poverty nonprofit to get cut. Which was... crushing. I didn't expect to get so into this class or to be so committed to my nonprofit, but I honestly felt like they truly deserved the $6,000 and would have done seriously amazing things with it. And it wasn't only that- I just felt that we let them down; that we didn't do the very best job we could have in representing them and in making our classmates feel like we could truly make an impact in their work. It's just really hard to go back to them and tell them that all their time and effort netted them nothing. And I think that's why I can never go into grantmaking- I find it too hard to say no.

But then
I got a sunflower at Bonner
&I attended the CNPL Public Service dinner!

It was really fun because the food was... amazing (it was seared raw tuna. It sounds gross and looked dubious but eating was !!!!! Heaven in raw fish. And I HATE tuna sashimi usually, so this was really that good) Dessert was yum. AND we got blue and gold Haas chocolate bars. (This is making me kinda regret missing Haas orientation now!!)
But most of all I got to hang out with my 192N class, talk to Hannah, hang out with Elaine, meet cool new people, get somewhat inspired by all the amazing things that people are doing to make this world a better place.

So it turned out to be a great day afterall (: I like it when that happens, like a coin flips and suddenly everything is brighter, everyone is happier, life is better~ all good. Long weekend ahead (I am SO. SAD. that I can't participate in Holi on Sunday )):) but it's all good, because the sun is shining, the tank is clean


(Guess the movie this comes from!) Okay goodnight everyone!

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