April 26, 2011


In a display of true consulting nerdiness, I decided to graph a breakdown of my day today. Hour 0 was 8am this morning.

This is how I've felt for the past couple of days... like my day has been stacked with meetings and events to go to that I have felt terribly torn and all over the place. Very disconnected from everyone, very short-tempered, and incredibly stressed. The reason why: 4 papers + 3 finals + 1 marketing writeup + 1 TBG deliverable = 3 weeks of hell.

Then I went to my class' poetry reading today, and it was so invigorating, like my brain had crackled back to life and I was once again actually present in the moment. I read a couple of my poems out loud, which is something that I've never actually done before. I want to go back to writing poetry. I have abandoned it for so long and it used to be such an integral part of me. But seeing my classmates get so excited about talking about poetry and discussing favorite poems, it just made me feel like yes this is why I go to college: so I can geek out with people who actually know that e.e. cummings should not be capitalized~~ But anyway it was a very good experience, and everyone should go for a poetry reading and read out old poems that they wrote 3 years ago, because then you'll realize what a truly crappy poet you are, and how words can contain such a wealth of meaning that just by reading the poem, you can place yourself back in how you felt at that moment of time.

Please pray for me! It's going to be a tough 3 weeks, but it is the thought of summer that drives me on. Also, the satisfaction of crossing out things in your to-do list... can't be beat (:

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