April 6, 2011

Too. Much. Work.

This is one of those weeks where I feel like a mad person trying to keep up with life. This is undoubtedly self-inflicted due to BAD CHOICES to do 2 case competitions within the week without PROPERLY UNDERSTANDING what pulling 3 all-nighters in a row will do to the rest of my school life i.e. I have a scene analysis due yesterday that I'm now attempting to complete (11.53am) before running off to work (1-6pm)

Tiny break to reassure everyone that I'm not dead, just ridiculously busy. Regular posting will return next week!

Berkeley is SO pretty in the spring!! Us outside Moffitt (the undergraduate library) last Saturday after working for 6h straight on the case (6h out of many, many, many. WHY do we do this to ourselves?!)

Can't wait for the weekend. So. exhausted.

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