May 26, 2011

Driving down the 101, California, here we come~

Last Friday at 6pm, we decided to drive down to L.A. for the weekend.
Last Friday at 11pm, we decided to go over to A's to play beer pong, where I made our L.A. driver (Daniel, the long-suffering) drink all the beer (this was also the occasion where I discovered amazing athletic prowess. I maintain that beer pong is a sport!!)
Last Friday at 2am, we left A's and headed home to bed, where we found an even more drunk Dawn in the kitchen attempting to pop popcorn.

Last Saturday at 5am, we left for L.A.

Yes, we are insane. But yes, it was amazing.

Dawn and I doing the Homer dance of triumph at 5am!

Okay fine we didn't take the CA-101 (props if you know what song and what T.V. show I'm referencing!!) but the I-5 and the drivers on this freeway are ridiculous. We were driving at 90 and we were one of the slowest cars on the freeway. That is indeed miles per hour.

It was really gorgeous though, watching the sky unfurl. We drove in darkness for maybe half an hour before the sun started stretching up, and passing cars along the roads felt like we were in a secret club of crazy people who get up too early to do stupid things like drive 7h to L.A.- I fell asleep on the way there and when I woke up we were at an In-and-Out drive-through. Food + sleep + crazy music = best time ever.

We stopped over in Westwood, LA to visit one of my favorite museums

The gardens are in full bloom now and the view is stunningly beautiful- all of L.A. laid out before you, just waiting to be explored and discovered and loved. I think that L.A. is a difficult city to love though, it's too sprawling and dispersed and too wide to truly fall in love with all of the city, but we weren't there for the city but for Newport Beach-

Too gorgeous. The sun was beautiful and the sky/ sea seemed to go on forever in this eternal blueness. A very pure kind of blueness, you know, like if blue were to be defined this would be how one defined it pictorially. Being at Newport was like all the stress of the semester never happened, all the tears and irritation and frustration of the semester were irrelevant- I honestly don't know how people can live in Newport and not be happy 24/7 because it is such a resoundingly beautiful place. Maybe this is how being on Prozac feels like? The sun was a little too hot and I couldn't really see very well but still I walked around in a haze of beachy happiness.

We stayed at Long Beach for the night, and the 2nd street promenade had these really interesting street art where they painted shadows on the floor. It was really interesting to see how different cities bring in art among city architecture and I think Long Beach does a really cute job.

The next morning we went to the farmer's market across the street for free pre-breakfast (i.e., fruit samples from farmers... berries, Fuji apples, peaches, ohhhh)
And then we drove over an hour to get chicken and waffles for breakfast.

Ridiculously good. If I lived in Hollywood I would go to Roscoe's everyday (and gain 100 pounds in the process, but what's a little weight in the face of gastronomic goodness? The guy who invented this combination should win some sort of Nobel prize.)

Cupcakes for desert!

On our way back up the CA-1, we decided to (illegally) park by the side of the freeway and climb up a sand mountain

Midway up, Dawn and Dan decide to do the Homer dance in front of all the cars driving up the CA-1 to great success. I love the CA-1, the views from the freeway are so amazing.

Plus if you swerve 3 lanes across off the freeway like we recklessly did, there are small fruit stands by the side selling the most delicious strawberries in the world. Farmers are the chillest people I have ever met- he offered us a handful of cherries to take along and kept laughing at us because we gave him $5 in change, "No no I like change a lot don't apologize! Coins are good!"

One of the best trips I've been on, with two of the best friends anyone could ever have.

Almost made me wish that I lived in SoCal. Almost.

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