May 6, 2011

Good life (:

I know I complain too much (and yes, I am super stressed because finals are in 4 days and I have! not! started! studying!!) but I must learn to let go and better appreciate the beautiful people around me and the amazing world that we live in.

Been thinking about this song since TBG banquet:

Things that I'm grateful for:
- Having an AMAZING TBG team <3 I would never have wanted to spend so many hours with any other people. Knowing that the world has people LIKE THIS who are so very intelligent and passionate about giving back to our community gives me hope for our world.
- Ju Ju just made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world!!!!!!
- Dan bought me surprise Boiling Crab and Beardpapa on Thursday <3
[I like how all of this is food-related]
- Semi-understanding parents
- Being in Berkeley, even though I have never worked so damned hard in my life... I love every minute of it (yes, even when I whine), and there's no where else I'd rather be studying in right now. More English notes!! NOW~

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