May 31, 2011

Party inspiration- chairs

One of the main reasons why I chose to go back home this summer instead of fighting it out for an internship here is that I'll be celebrating my 21st in July, and my mum will be celebrating her 50th- now I'm regretting it a little, leaving Berkeley, because it means that I'll be 3 months away from Dan, and even though yes it is a little silly that I'm so upset about this when we've been apart from each other for longer/ when it was more stressful (e.g. when he was pledging a business fraternity and I was first starting out managing CREATE and stressed out of my mind). But anyway to cheer myself up/ take my mind off leaving in 3 days, I've been sourcing inspiration for my 21st party. I'm hell bent on having a dinner party at a unique location, with long tables, sparkly lights, candles, and tons and tons of flowers and dessert, but it's been such an uphill battle finding chairs!

Sorry, friends, for my constant rants these past days about chairs and the lack thereof of decently priced chair rentals in Singapore- red PVC is seriously not a good look. Some of the chairs that I've been dying to have are from Found, a vintage rental furniture company in SoCal:

All images from the Found website- what a great company! I am super sad that we don't have something like this in Singapore, sigh.

I love the seafoam green, the chippy paint, the rusticness of it all- I'm thinking of bringing in benches and cushions (instead of just chairs). It is a little excessive for a small dinner party for less than 30, but it is my 21st and I want it to completely reflect who I am. I think that people tend to overlook chairs and tables and focus exclusively on centerpieces and table settings when decorating for parties, but furniture is also SUPER important and I know that the entire look of the party would be ruined if I used white PVC rental chairs and plastic table cloths.

I've also learnt in recent years the importance of STICKING TO YOUR VISION and not compromising on important details (like chairs and location)- I'm usually very easily swayed by others even though I have a clear vision [in my head], so I'm documenting my thoughts and inspirations for this party through my blog so that I can always look back when I'm making decisions and stand firm!!

Yes, that was code for "Gen is extremely OCD and obsessively anal, and this blog will be documenting the thought processes of extreme detail orientedness." Is this normal? Serious question, but I'm having loads of fun sourcing inspiration online and I am determined to make this work.


  1. I'd be exactly like you if I was planning a party, going out of my mind making sure it's exactly as I imagined. I hope you find comparable chairs in Singapore, they're so perfectly worn.

    Are you back in Singapore yet?

  2. Sigh, I'm actually considering using my own wood furniture- which, besides the logistics of transportation and making my dad carry all those heavy chairs, would actually be really apt because I've grown up with that furniture.

    Not yet! I'll be back June 9th- currently hanging out in Hong Kong for a week. Am dying to check out the National Museum's black dress exhibition. Have you been? Is it any good?