May 16, 2011

Post-finals is a beautiful thing

Yesterday, I finally screwed my courage to the sticking place (I am pretty sure this is the phrase! From Shakespeare! Or something.) and decided to go for basic ballet class at the studio that Dawn goes to. We had pictures of the ballet company on the walls of the studio that we were in, and one day my foot will be able to contort like that. Yes. I think I've always wanted to take ballet because I am currently as graceful as a drunken rhinoceros, and also dance like one, drunk or not drunk, and believe fervently that taking a dance class will be the panacea to my graceless movement woes.

After one ballet class, I can assuredly tell you that this is not so because I nearly fell off the barre and cannot balance on demi-pointe to save my life. (Yes that was a ballet term. I am so proud of myself.) We practiced pointing our toes, going on demi-pointe, did these D shaped circles with our feet, did some arm stuff which freaked me out because I had to actually let go of the barre- I would like to say that I will be dancing with the American Ballet Theater alongside my talented roommate this summer in New York City but unfortunately this will not be the case. It was really fun though, and I think I will drive myself crazy with my perfectionist tendencies because I intellectualize movement too much- I asked Dawn after class, what is good form, and she gave me a huge long list that include RIB PLACEMENT, which I believe at my level is not possible. And probably will not be, ever, because I first need to get my feet's act together and learn how to keep my feet turned out all the time, and lead with my heel and little toe when drawing circles in the air (I have to say that ballet is an extremely good workout because I did tons of leg lifts and now muscles in my leg that I never knew existed are now aching)- but I highly, highly recommend going for a ballet class and will probably be doing so all of next semester (: Maybe one day I will be able to attend Beginner Ballet as opposed to Basic Ballet!!

To reward myself for that, Dawn and I went shopping, and I have actually not spent this much money so quickly in such a long time. It was pretty amazing. We met up with Ju Ju and her family, and decided to go hop the beauty counter at Macy's!

We got sucked into the Dior counter, and I've always wanted to learn how to use the Dior Shimmer Powder Amber Diamond, so we got the Dior MUA to make over Ju Ju's face with it. Ju Ju looked like she was GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE. It was amazingly gorgeous, so obviously I had to get in on the action, and got made over as well:

I'm wearing the Dior Nude Natural Glow hydrating foundation and concealer. The foundation was a perfect skin tone match, which made me almost buy it on the spot except for the fact that it was *$50* and I've already bought a ton of makeup this semester; the concealer I thought was too cakey and didn't really hide my disgusting post-finals eye bags well. Also some Dior bronzer and some blush- the blush was actually really gorgeous and had 5 colors in it that she swirled together. We were such a nuisance, but the Dior Shimmer Powder! omg... Dior is going to make me broke because LOOK AT MY FACE. I have never felt so perfectly put together before (maybe it's the foundation. hmm.) and so pretty!! Ever!!!!! It was such a shame because after getting made-up we just went up and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory and then took the Bart home. Which is why I decided to camwhore with Dan so that I could have my cheeks' gorgeousness PRESERVED FOR POSTERITY.

Oh hey, cracked lips and yellow teeth!
My fail attempts at trying to capture my cheeks (in the first picture you can see how cakey and unmatched the concealer was! Ugh!) I was also wearing Mac Fluidline gel eyeliner in Blacktrack- yes, I finally caved and bought it because Dawn will be leaving me soon, cri, and I will no longer be able to shamelessly utilize her Mac eyeliner. It is so good that we line our eyes with it before going for overnight retreats because we're lazy to bring eyeliner and we know it'll last the entire 2 days including sleeping time. Am also wearing some Covergirl lip stain.

So basically I wrote this entire post to shamelessly feature my glowing, gorgeous skin thanks to the wonders of Dior makeup. Ju Ju got the Dior shimmering powder, so I will basically be stealing that from her all of next year, haha. Today I slept for 8 hours [in the day], tomorrow we're going outlet shopping. Sometimes I wonder, why even bother going to school?? Serious question. I should just play with makeup instead. School has NEVER made me feel this good. (Okay this isn't really true. I sometimes feel this good when I get an A on a paper. Sometimes.)

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