May 27, 2011

A Tea Party for Old Men- 20th birthday party lookback

Sorry, friends around me. I've been obsessed with planning for my 21st party for the past few days and so all I can talk about is: Why do I have to pay to put a table on a strip of grass/ sand? Why are chair rentals in Singapore so damned expensive and ugly? Seriously, must I hit someone or spend $50 on a phone call to get some answers from location managers??

I think I will make a terrible party planner because I will drive everyone mad with my capricious whims, ridiculous ideas, and constant need for relative perfection :/ Decided to gain some perspective (and okay, this is just my 21st not my wedding. Even though I guess a 21st can never be repeated but a wedding technically can be) by remembering last year's party! I was really into moustaches and wanted to make everyone wear one, so I decided to hold a Tea Party for Old Men at my favorite (pseudo) coffee shop, Ya Kun. Plus I felt really old not being a teenager anymore, and so thought that it was appropriate- my mother thought I was crazy but she chuckled politely everytime I showed her my newest moustache-related party collateral, which I appreciate.

I declared myself the birthday king. It was pretty awesome being royal.
Sceptre of power and purple foam crown from Art Friend in Takashimaya

I made the moustaches by creating a moustache template on Photoshop, then cutting them out from black foam pieces and sticking them on thick chopsticks with black duct tape.
I got all my supplies from my house. No, I do not know why my parents have hoarded duct tape and no, I do not wish to know why either.

I Google Imaged pictures of old men including our beloved LKY and my hilarious grandfather, who was extremely confused why I wanted to dress up like a boy for my birthday and borrow his old glasses. He was so adorable about the whole event and wanted to lend me his wifebeater and one of his Crocodile polo t-shirts so that I could "look like [him], you want my glasses? When you wear it you cannot see! Like me!"

My friends wrote notes on them and stuck them into the floral foam on the table- which was my sneaky way of making sure that everyone wrote me a note for my birthday because I love notes/ letters/ cards and nobody seems to handwrite notes anymore ): This was just cardstock and toothpicks.

Because people had a choice of toasts, I made little toast toppers with little moustaches I cut into circles and taped it to small toothpicks so that no one would get a wrong order by accident.

Even my dad and mom got into it, which was hilarious.

Seeing all these familiar/ happy faces again make me miss them a lot ):
I held my party at the Ya Kun at Orchard Central, but if I could re-do it I would hold it somewhere more authentically kopitiam, because the Orchard Central Ya Kun had all these modernised features that distracted from the theme of the party! I had a lot of fun though, and would have spent more time planning (I pulled a lot of the details together at the very last minute and didn't delegate tasks very effectively or conveyed start times very well)- which is why I'm starting the planning for my 21st party a lot earlier this year i.e. NOW. So get ready for tons of 21st birthday party inspiration coming up on this blog- and when I mean tons, I really mean it; I just scanned in a billion pages of old Anthropologie catalogues. I love parties!


  1. Yay! I love someone who lives up their birthday and declares themselves king. Your party and cake look killer.

  2. haha thank you! I love all the parties that you feature on your blog so I'm super flattered (: