May 29, 2011

"Your father, the goose?"

I am very bad at dealing with change, and it's hard to pack up an entire college sophomore year in a couple of boxes and suitcases and pray for the best. I walked into Dawn's completely empty room yesterday and felt incredibly, ridiculously sad because it does feel like the end of a chapter- we're all moving out of Benvenue and it's going to be different, so different. I am terrible at this, this moving away and moving on, not just moving out, but I always want to cling on to moments that seem to flee by all too quickly.

After Kungfu Panda 2... I love photo booths, but they should seriously make them larger. Or we should stop eating so much Ici's.

3 more days until I move into my new apartment, and 4 more days until I leave Berkeley for 3 months. Our apartment looks so empty now, and I'm packing up my suitcase for home. I can't imagine what going home will be like after so long (I haven't been back for over a year now), and being around family who love you and coddle you and take care of you all the time. I remember having the worst second semester at Cal, and then crying on the flight back to Berkeley and really wanting to give Berkeley up to stay back home, but I stuck it out and I've never been happier or more fulfilled- it is hard, to give up this new Gen, to give up the independence that I have wanted for so long. I don't know if I can slip back into the Gen I used to be, or if I even should be trying to do so. Onward and upward, onward and upward, but I keep wanting things to remain the same when I know they never can be.


  1. Thank you Jazzy! I hate that your blog doesn't have comments enabled because I can't comment on how gorgeous your photos always are! I hope you read this, because I've been super inspired by your London post and those rings in your outfit post.