June 1, 2011

Party inspiration- old Anthropologie catalogues

I love magazines (I did intern at a magazine for 4 glorious Burberry-filled months), but lately haven't been feeling particularly inspired by any magazine photo shoot, which is saying a lot because I LOVE shoots. I was clearing out some magazines while moving out- heartbreak. I don't know what it is about the printed page that it feels somehow sacrilegious to be throwing books/ magazines out into the trash, but I barely tore out any pages to keep in my binder. I have a fairly substantial binder of pretty pictures, and I realized that most of the pages in there are from catalogues, not magazines. Which might be a comment on how art/ fashion/ merchandise have intersected to such a large extent that they seem almost interchangeable at this point.

But anyway. I went out to lunch with Julie and Natasha a couple of weeks ago, and ON THE SIDEWALK, laying atop a wooden side table (which I still kick myself for not going back and getting), were tons of old Anthropologie catalogues dating back to Spring 2007. I didn't think my voice could go that high.

I'm using all of these as party inspiration, and they're all pretty dissimilar, but there are elements about each one of them that I love and want to somehow incorporate, like colors and antique mirrors, tealights, light light and glowing light- I know that it is ridiculous to expect this from silly old Singapore, but evening light is always gorgeous (let's ignore the humidity for a little while)

[How gorgeous is that iron tub?? Especially paired with the tree stumps/ wooden detailing. Perfection.] I'm always caught up in the details and wanting to plan something super perfect, and because of that I've been thinking, what if I had had my 21st in San Francisco instead? I could have had it easily at Kirby Beach (and paid $13 for a beach permit for a view of the Golden Gate bridge v. the ridiculous Sentosa fees and regulations for a view of... black sea, argh!) and the weather, the light, everything- I love the Bay Area and it would have been perfect to celebrate my 21st here, but I'm trying to keep this in perspective and remind myself that parties are NOTHING without the people (even though 2 of my favourite people ever aren't going to be there- boo!), and that wherever I travel- home is always home. Family is always family. That it is important to remember my roots and celebrate with the lovely people who have made me who I am.

More packing and moving today! This is worse than the gym... because at least with the gym I have a CHOICE whether I want to go. Grumble.

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  1. A stack of old Anthropologie catalogues, what a find! I'm loving those colored candle sticks!