June 22, 2011

Ridiculously MIA

...I apologize! Some random thoughts:

1. I have been completely inspired by the way in which the programmers at E. program and the thoughtfulness by which the directors judge their work. It is so amazing that a small country like Singapore has such big dreams for the arts- our funding got doubled last year which to me is astonishing (yes, since I come from the college system potentially facing a cut even larger than 500M), but the frankness and openness of the bosses about their opinions about certain things and how they feel that programming should be carried out is overwhelming. Today at the meeting, they talked about how there was too much art in the arts- that we are a public entity and that the arts has a function that goes beyond that of being its own little insular self. There's a little part of me that rebels against that- I think that there needs to be space for the avant garde because someone needs to be setting the standards for artistic merit, and "art" should not be confused with "entertaining." We are currently hosting a Japanese artist (AAAAHHH his show is... incredible. Please go watch it!! Plus he's the most adorable man alive and has this undying passionate love for Tiger Beer- it's hilarious), and he commented that he was shocked that the commercial and the avant garde could co-exist in the same space... Clement Greenberg would be extremely unhappy about this.
I feel like everytime I hear the bosses speak I feel encouraged about the direction of the arts- today they kept talking about how arts programming needs to be relevant to the community yet needs to be audacious in setting new standards of quality. I don't know if such a dual mission can ever be entirely successfully accomplished, but I think that even attempting it in itself is pretty incredible.

2. I miss Berkeley a lot. I miss the air, the people, my new apartment, the freedom to do whatever, the knowledge that I am working towards something tangible. I am really enjoying my internship, but I am struggling a little here

3. That being said, one of the perks to being at home is that I get to wear my mom's clothes all the time. She buys designer without even knowing that they are designer (...sigh. She bought a Miu Miu blouse because she "liked the star buttons")

4. People have been asking me about what I want for my birthday and I am oscillating between the ridiculously expensive (Louis Vuitton SC bag in Jasper, PS1 in dark grey suede... the suede version of this bag makes my heart skip a little beat, Mulberry Alexa in brown [but it's so common, ugh driving me crazy, but still, adorable], a Chanel 2.55)
and the nonsensical/ cheap (makeup- NARS Orgasm blush/ Dior Amber Diamond/ ETC, a kate spade twirl necklace, this gorgeous Emerson Made blouse, Emerson Made skirt, J Crew black leather flats, the list goes on)

I might just ask for an amazon.com giftcard- practical, can be used to buy books next semester [I don't really NEED a gorgeous leather bag at 21, I have a Berkeley education! That's worth 200 Chanels right now], or J Crew/ Madewell/ Urban giftcards, because I seriously don't know what I want right now and I don't want my friends to waste their money (thank you friends, I love you for your continual asking though!)

I guess generally I'll be super happy with any gift as long as it's thoughtfully chosen (: I remember for my 16th/18th Sonia and Al got me this GORGEOUS mustard Topshop bag and when I first opened it I thought I would never carry it but I carried it almost everyday until it fell apart after 2 years. I hate sterling silver jewelry (I like tarnished silver/ gold; metals that don't look too new or precious), I LOVE pearls (actually, I might just ask for pearl studs- proper ones, like from Tiffany's), don't really like diamonds, hate mainstream nonsense- especially Return to Tiffany's necklaces/bracelets or just any non-Gehry silver thing from Tiffany's, love the smell of leather, LOVE ETSY, love vintage/ preppy goodness (kate spade and J Crew are some of my favorite brands...)
Also I am still looking for the perfect peter pan collar blouse, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful.

Okay I hope that list was comprehensive enough for any of my friends to make an informed decision HAHA. Love you all! xx

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