July 10, 2011

In love with this house

Immediately fell in love with this house when I first saw it- it's so light and airy (such an opposite from my old apartment, but so reminiscient of my new one! Yay!) The light pine, white, cheery yellow- such a pretty space; definitely a color scheme I'd like to have in my living room space.

I really think that one of the best things about living alone/ away from your parents is being able to decorate your own space on your own terms. Maybe this is a purely Asian thing, but I've never really chosen anything, my bedding, curtains, wall colour, without some input from my mother. So this is all very liberating, being able to choose my own coffee table.

Isn't the mini bunting absolutely precious? And the large panels of noticeboard- I'm definitely scheming of ways to get that in my apartment!

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