July 2, 2011

Party inspiration- flowers!

I have realized that I am going to become my mother when I am older because our interests are beginning to align. It's kinda scary. Anyway rant #294748 about Singapore + party planning is that I can't find ranunculus(es?) here!! There are my absolute favourite flowers and are all squishy and adorable looking. They remind me of pug dogs, for some reason. Sooo cute!

I commence the photo spam:

All images from Saipua and Little Flower School. Saipua is one of the reasons why I wish I lived in New York!! I ADORE their arrangements, delicate sense of color. Little Flower School is co-run by Sarah, owner of Saipua.

My dinner party was last night, and the flowers ended up a little more Singaporean, brighter, different flowers (some of which wilted on our way to the restaurant! Deeply annoying. I hate Singaporean heat- my 2 balloon [2 as in 21] totally burst in the car on our way home!) But everything came together in such a lovely way and I was super happy. Plus my mom surprised me with the most adorable cupcakes baked by my aunt, we used oversized, stuffed chairs around the table (OKAY yes I have a slight obsession with chairs), and even my dad got into the action when he helped wrap the cutlery... never thought I'd see the day where my dad would be wielding doilies and raffia!!

Thank you everyone who came last night xx
Photos to come once my inimitable photographer friend Kelvin sends them to me! (:

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