August 22, 2011

Happy birthday to A Squirrel

To the one who
  • Throws nuts at squirrels and gets confused at THEM for not running away
  • Likes to swerve across multiple lanes of traffic to make the exit
  • Makes me watch the NBA with him even though I'd rather be watching E!
Who is also the one who
  • Stays over with me when I'm afraid of being abducted by aliens (true story)
  • Wakes up at ungodly times of the morning to drive me to school
  • Washes my dishes when I am depressed
  • Gives the best hugs
  • Is always up for the stupidest and most epic things (e.g. LA roadtrip)
  • Always believes in us
Happy 21st, Dan! I'm really sad I can't be with you on your day of alcoholism, but please remember that you have to pick me up from the airport the next day and control yourself :)

Second last day in Singapore, and last day at work! I am sad because I am sappy and easily emotional like that. Also because my father hid my passport today and I freaked out thinking that I wouldn't be able to go to work tomorrow because I would have to rush out my F1 visa so I could get back to Berkeley in time not to be kicked out of all my classes. Is this a sign? Am I this much of a workaholic?? Don't answer.

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