August 1, 2011

Paper Crown

I am slightly embarrassed about liking Paper Crown &posting these pictures because
1. They've been on the interwebs for ages (Fashionista posted some photos from the Fall 2011 lookbook in February- which I bookmarked and just stumbled back upon)
2. The line is designed by Lauren Conrad, reality TV star extraordinaire- I used to watch Laguna Beach/ The Hills obsessively because yes that is how much I love Teen Vogue/ that is how much I love brainless TV

But look at these:
Everything that I'm obsessed with lately (I swear I've just bought 3 items in that exact shade of blushing pink) (yes that just gives rise to the question, why indeed am I buying clothes in the same colour?) I especially love the look on the bottom right because- wispy mauve maxi skirt? Yum.

Images via the Paper Crown website.

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  1. swooooon! love the dress on the bottom left :) thanks for the gorg fashion inspiration


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