August 9, 2011

Red, white, and always beautiful (no matter the weather)

Twitter followers would know by now that I completely slept through the national day parade in its full nationalistic regimented glory, after spending the day at work (and ironically in the thick of the action right before it peaked for the fireworks and the parade). But in honour of my beloved country, I wore red & white today. Some gorgeous red and white items I wish I had in my closet, and a yummy leopard-preenz Louboutin flat to represent the Singaporean not-so-secret past-time, hating on people who appear less intelligent than we are:

Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!
There are many things I dislike about you, but also many more things I love about you: my family, my friends, my chili crab (yes, mine), my hawker food, my kopi-ping, my milo. You will always have my heart.

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