August 19, 2011

Thursday music (fine. it's technically Saturday)

It's Baybeats weekend!!!!! I've been having a lot of fun tweeting, checking out the acts, sitting down, listening to lots of good music. Can't believe it's finally here, and that this is my last weekend hanging out in the office. It's a little exhausting, but this summer has been a billion times more fun that I envisioned. I'll be posting some photos about my summer soon, but in the meantime:

1. Andrew Bird's Don't Be Scared
2. The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby (tear-jerker classic)
3. Noughts and Exes' The Start of Us

Guessed the theme?

Noughts and Exes is this brilliant, brilliant band from Hong Kong who really wowed me last night at their Baybeats set. They are all impeccably dressed (think boys in suspenders and oxfords) and are really amazing performers! Andrew Bird is, obviously, ridiculous; The Beatles- what can I say? I cried the first time I heard this song.

If you're at Baybeats this weekend- let me know! I'd love to hang out.

Image from Daniela Henriquez, whose Flickr photostream is like a little river of illustration amazingness. (The balloon in the picture is clearly representing my hidden tear-streaked face at the thought of leaving)

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  1. This image is so inspiring to me. I think I'll open my sketchbook tonight.

    And I love how the bracelets are getting interesting too! I want to make some!