August 3, 2011

Thursday music

This is also known as, extremely belated Tuesday music. I attended Priscilla Ahn's concert on Tuesday, and it was absolutely magical. She is tall and gangly and absolutely adorable. The recital studio is this small little enclosed dark space, and thanks to the kind folks at box office I had a second row seat which means I was within a hair-breath of her. Her lyrics- you know the feeling of intrusion when you read /hear something and you immediately clutch yourself and look around suspiciously for who's been mining your heart for your feelings??

Yes. That was how I felt.

Please listen to some of my favourite songs of hers: Lullaby, Rain, Morning Song. Lullaby reminds me a lot of myself before I left for college. I honestly think that going to Berkeley saved me, a little, because if I had stayed here I might have done something drastically stupid to have otherwise escaped. And Lullaby captures a lot of my heart pre-leaving.


  1. i love lullaby too! didn't know she was in singapore if not i would have gone ):

  2. Yeah I didn't know either until super late! It was really expensive though (and not worth it imo)- my ticket was $101 (though at least I got in free).

    Lullaby is actually based on a true story that happened in the small PA town she's from (BEWARE, YF!)- a cop apparently shot her best friend's dog to get him out of his way ): So sad right. Anyway that was a story that she shared during the concert. It was slightly depressing. haha.