September 11, 2011


I don't really remember 9/11, much, but what I do remember is how afraid everyone was after it happened. How suddenly it felt that there were all these viciously violent groups hiding in our midsts like scorpions, ready to attack at will- even safe Singapore was vulnerable, which to me at the time and even now seemed so unreal. I think I am of a generation that has grown up post-9/11- a different kind of people who lived so far away from the locus of the action that the twin towers collapsing (it happened when I was eleven, and the furthest I had been was Australia, it already felt at the edge of my tippy toes, let alone America, which was further than the end of my world), a kind of people so used to taking shoes off/ packing without liquid items/ going through miles of security checks before getting through airport security.

Being in America today on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I stumbled across this site: the 9/11 Tribute Movement. It's still 9/11 on the Singapore side of the world- anyone wants to take that challenge up? I think it's a beautiful idea that reminds us all of the resilience, courage, and love that humans seem to have in no small supply.

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