September 29, 2011

Little bits of happinesses

I've been feeling so cranky and downright annoyed with the world lately- I don't even know why. The past three days have been a blur of homework, teenage angst, and petty tantrum throwing in the direction of my (still unfinished, but we're getting there) English paper. Last night I journalled on paper for the first time in a long time; I did a couple of line drawings that I think I might scan to here soon, but it just made me realise how long it's been since I've actually created something- putting together outfits, while fun, don't really count. And to distract myself,

A Little List of Happinesses
1. The thought of receiving my adorable Forever 21 peter pan collared top in the mail sometime next week
2. Listening to Adele on loop
3. Making up words like happinesses
4. This verse. It feels sometimes like the work is neverending and no matter how hard you work- it never ends. I know I felt like this in that turbulent period after getting back my A' Level results, and it felt like everything that I had worked so hard for meant nothing, that what I thought was success actually didn't count for anything in this world; I think I still struggle with that a lot.
5. The green post-it on my noticeboard that reads
"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
From this poem by Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets.
6. The satisfaction of tying together three single-spaced pages of text. No matter how much I bitch about writing papers, the feeling after you're done and you can stand back, proud and beaming at your work- can't be beat.

Friday in 1h 22min! Hooray!

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