September 15, 2011

Note to self (one of many)

Today while I was holding interviews at Strada, I spotted a lot of seniors decked out in business formal hurrying across the street to Haas- it was this slightly irksome premonition that one semester from now, I will be like that, scuttling from info session to info session, smiling and twirling my hair, and begging for a job. The thought of this unnerves and stresses me out to no end, and all these resume/ interview prep things have started swirling around in my head and making me sick on the inside. I've always known this was coming, but I didn't actually expect it to be here so- soon. I think the only advice I can give my next-semester self is:
1. Refer to Calvin above
2. If it's not fun, what's the point of doing it?

[I have come to realize in the last few days, how much I truly enjoy the work of a consultant. How much I really want that job. How much I think I'll actually be, dare I say it, half-decent at it. Maybe this will change by next semester.]

Calvin & Hobbes (my absolute favourite) comic strip via Kel

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