September 26, 2011

TBG in cupcakes!

Ju Ju and I usually bake a lot but we haven't been up to speed this semester (except for one night of 1am chocolate cupcake baking- that was ridiculously delicious)/ we also don't usually document our baking activities (which is sad; we should). So I proudly present what my team came up with during the TBG retreat- representing TBG in 26 cupcakes and a ton of frosting!


Final result, complete with beaming engineers:

Projects from last semester, lovingly frosted by Ashlyn, Satej, and me:

This semester's projects! So excited!! They are extremely abstract, I have realized, which is good for client confidentiality. haha.

The cupcake bridge was indeed a feat of superior cupcake engineering, held together with knives wrapped in the tin foil that the frosting was wrapped in (no joke), blue frosting, and a whole lot of finger crossing. Reminder to self: must bake more/ must take more pictures of baking adventures.

Credits to Angela and Ashlyn for the pictures!

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