October 29, 2011

Paper for Halloween?

I'm having a very boring Halloween weekend working on Powerpoint slide decks (Friday), watching the theater-music-poetry hybrid that is Sellars', Morrison's and Traore's Desdemona, and being too lazy to go to parties/ too cowardly to partake in the horror movie marathon currently going on in my living room.

But then I came across these amazing masks and wigs created out of paper by the amazing artists Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry as part of their Paper Cut Project:

The intricacies of paper made to look like feathers and leaves!! Ah I'm dying. As someone who struggles on a constant basis to master cutting paper in a straight line, not gluing finger to object being glued, etc, this is artistic craftsmanship at an unbelieveable level, and for such a humble medium.

Hope everyone's having a super fun Halloween!

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