October 2, 2011

Poetry exercise

Today I discovered a whole trove of old poetry that I had posted online a long time ago (I stopped posting poetry up in 2006 I think), and it's amazing how one's view of what "good poetry" is changes so rapidly over the years- today I look back at this and wince slightly at their juvenileness; at the same time there are some lovely images in there. I haven't been creative in a very long time, and I think that one of my projects for what's left of this year is to go back and rework some of those poems.

An example:

flickered in, new electrical light you
glittered steadily; i'm tangled up,
filament turns like rollercoasters which never stop
(ring around the roses, up-down, up-
down, we all fall) a stomach clenching fist

(in my darkestdays and darkestnights i cling
to the thought of you, your
perfect beauty and my
imperfect likelovedesperation;

i dream slight dreams of night-time kisses,
below stars that smile,
tremblingly, knowingly,)

my heart is the size of my palm, folded up and closed tight,
i hold you, grippingly, a seal on an envelope; but
the tighter i squeeze, the more you run away-

my fingers are sieves,
and you slip through.


This would be exciting, I think. And I think I need to go back to writing again. I don't know, I think that college has changed me more than I think it has. Today was lovely; I stayed in bed until 11, did some microecon and watched some Big Bang Theory, went to Walmart. Days like this- all dappled and lightly sunlit, my fingers entwined with yours, quietness, laughter, ease. I miss this so much during the school week.

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