October 26, 2011

Textile animal art

Oh my word.
These quilts are phenomenally creative:
I am a huge quilt fan- my grandmother made some super adorable quilts, and my family still keeps the little yellow ducky one that she made for me when I was a baby and my brother's baby blue quilt. Before she passed away, she and my mom were working on a blue bear quilt (I was 14...) for me, and it was a really great generational experience seeing the fabric spread out over the dining table; my grandmother and mother holding the batting down and teaching me where the stitches go. The quilt project got shelved when my grandmother fell ill, and it still lies undone in a corner of my house, but I think it might be a good project for me and my mom to revive when I come home. (Though maybe we could attempt something cooler than blue cartoon bears. Maybe something as geometrically interesting as these ones.)

Images from the CCollier Studio Etsy store, via Style by Emily Henderson

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