November 9, 2011

Missing home

Homesickness hits me at the most random of times- seeing images my ex-colleagues post on Facebook, for example, just gets at me sometimes. Or seeing my brother's name blink out on bbm. Or coming across images like this while randomly surfing the internet instead of studying for my microecon midterm on Thursday:

This was my home this summer- I was in this building so many times I knew all the shortcuts by the end of my first month (this is no mean feat seeing as backstage is a thorny maze of confusion and I have zero sense of direction). But looking at these images makes summer seem so far away and I know that it's going to hurt 100x more when I go back and realize how truly alien the building has become to me because I no longer have that shiny pass that beams me into backstage.

These sketches are gorgeous, though. They capture the angularity of lines that always fascinated me about the inside of the Esplanade. I remember standing on the 6th floor at the Rehearsal Studio (way above the top of the escalator on the right sketch) and being super amazed by the way that the lines crisscrossed and held the spiky panes of glass up.

Image from the Urban Sketchers Singapore blog by artist Buzwalker (via Notabilia). Urban Sketchers Singapore also has a book that just came out ($49 SGD), which would be lovely I think as a Christmas gift to someone far away from home (ahem), though, I think, painful as well. It's a little difficult reading that blog because of how all the places sketched seems so darn familiar, and yet at the same time remembering how far away they are and honestly, how it sometimes feels like I can never go back.

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