November 3, 2011

Thursday music: for cold days

A cold front has hit the Bay Area- sun and dry heat in late October when the east coast is being beset by snow doesn't seem exactly right, so I'm glad we're back on track with the rest of the country (kind of). I skipped class today (oops) to get all my other work done and to get started on my studying because I've been so exhausted these couple of days. Really cranky and easily stressed out by things that usually just roll off my back. Being too analytical of myself and what I'm doing/ how I'm treating other people and it's driving me crazy. I need to draw a sharp line, carve it out carefully, colour it in, between being self-aware and being self-conscious; I need to let go of things I can't control and draw myself back into the self and what's important.

Music today, the kind of quiet music you curl up listening to with a cup of hot chai latte and a blanket in your nap, and friends around you; quiet talking, quiet singing, quiet being. Right now I'm alone at my desk with my economics homework sprawled out willynilly across the table, and it feels good, feels right. The satisfaction of work well done (yes, I just quoted Heart of Darkness...)

1. Blindsided by Bon Iver
2. I Won't Let You Go by James Morrison
3. Fidelity by Regina Spektor (this music video is perfection)

I would also add a ton of Morten Lauridsen to this list, but I've already fan girled about him sufficiently ;)

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