November 13, 2011

Veterans' Day weekend adventures I

I'd been planning on having dinner at Flour + Water to celebrate Dan's 21st for the longest time, but our schedules always clashed, and we never found the time to make it all the way to San Francisco for a classy weekend dinner (for over 2 months... yes we are busy people). So when our plans for Veterans' Day fell through (darn rain!), we impetuously decided to have dinner there:

Points of note:
1. Their pasta is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. See excited faces with plates of pasta, and then (bottom-most left picture) FACE OF SADNESS at there being no more pasta to consume. I had the agnolotti dal plin (pasta stuffed with roast beef in a butter nutmeg sauce) and Dan had the saffron chitarra with braised squid, fennel, and chili. Both were unbelievably delicious- they hand make their pasta and you can tell how much thought goes into the food making because the flavours are insane and it's basically a party in your mouth.
2. The portions are teensy (they call it a "middle course"). It was depressing that there was such a limited quantity of such delicious pasta. I'm already planning a return trip, and I think I'll either get the pasta tasting menu ($60. Therefore this is only going to happen once I have an actual paying job), or split 3 pasta choices between 2 people.
3. The food is affordable- we paid ~$60 (pre-tip) for 2 pasta courses, a beer, and a delicious chocolate dessert, which is unthinkably affordable for the quality of the food we had.
4. Be prepared to wait if you don't have a reservation. We turned up at 6.40pm (foolish, foolish children!), and waited for 1.5h to get a table in the dining area. They open at 5.30pm. Go early. The restaurant isn't in the most commercial of districts, so we ended up having drinks at Cafe Gratitude across the road to get out of the cold/ rain (hence the first 2 pictures)- I highly recommend that too if you're waiting for a table.

Flour + Water
2401 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

In other news, I have been so distracted, easily upset, emotionally unhinged these past couple of days and it was driving me up the wall- I was so ashamed of my behaviour and yet there was this intense cognitive dissonance, like Crazy Gen was speaking and doing all these annoying things and Real Gen was trapped behind a glass wall going, "nooo don't do that" but unable to stop anything from happening. I think I'm figuring it out, though. This is what college is all about right? Losing yourself in the crazy process, but then coming to a halt and then hunting back for all the pieces you thought you lost, but really were in reach all along.

Have a great week ahead everyone :)

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