November 15, 2011

Veterans' Day weekend adventures II

That original date that got rained on- that was a trip to Tomales Bay (about 1.5h drive away from Berkeley) to eat oysters. Obviously we just hopped into the car and WENT, without considering that a. one requires tools to open oysters b. one requires a fair amount of dexterity to open oysters

But it's a good thing that Dan (and an extremely nice blond lady who took pity on us) played that role in our excursion, because I was abysmal at it.

Points of note:
1. Be prepared to work for your food! Oyster opening is hard work. I would know, of course, having successfully opened a grand total of 0 oysters
2. Be unafraid to ask for help. We definitely did more than our fair share of asking, but everyone was super sweet and didn't laugh at us (in our faces)! We basically ambled up to the guy selling the oysters and went, "so, what do we do now if we want to eat some of those?"
3. Go with friends. Dan and I were one of the few 2-person groups there and I just felt really sad. Like we had no friends. Which, you know, we do. Really.
4. Have a picnic! The site provides picnic tables and barbeque pits, so there are tons of potential picnicking options. Bring lemon, tabasco sauce, and some beer- we bought some tabasco sauce on site and it's permanent home is now in the car. Because a tabasco sauce emergency might always pop up. Like when you decide to have spur of the moment oyster trips. It could happen.

Tomales Bay Oyster Company
15479 Highway CA-1
Marshall, CA 94940

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