December 16, 2011

Hello European countries!!

I've been a terrible blogger, sorry guys. Finals kinda snuck up on me and I was completely unprepared. It was pretty terrible, but at least it's over. It's kinda crazy; I ended my last final at 6pm, started packing at 12am, I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow afternoon. My brain hasn't really caught up to events yet, I still feel really blurry and confused that a world exists outside of managerial accounting, microeconomics, and modernist English.

Dan and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary 2 weeks ago and I'm finally getting round to posting the pictures from the night. We went to Roy's in San Francisco, which was DELICIOUS. We've been through a lot this semester; sometimes I really forget how much he means to me.

Appropriate time to be posting these pictures because we're not seeing each other for a month ): Though compared to the 3 months of summer, this short time apart is like a week in school time. But anyway I guess they'll be good for helping me remember what he looks like! i.e. with alcohol in hand ;)

The next time I blog, I'll be in a European country!! I'm bringing along a little journal to document my adventures so hopefully that will work out. Still can't believe this semester's over. Seriously, a huge weight off my shoulders and a huge sigh of relief- next semester will be better because I will MAKE it better, will be more on top of my shit, will be happier. Yes.

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