December 6, 2011

Lux by Christina Seely

It's been a couple of really crazy days- I really need to get my study on, but meanwhile my time is filled with review sessions, final presentations, and final paper writing. Which I am actually supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW but have decided to blog instead because I don't seem to communicating my thoughts very well.

Anyway, San Francisco-based artist Christina Seely came to talk to CREATE at one of our meetings last week, and I really fell in love with her photography. This series is called Lux, and is about the intersection between nature and cities, specifically how nature and cities are illuminated by man-made light. She uses this giant old camera that takes over 4h to take one image (because of the low lights), and all the light from the images below are completely man-made, i.e. from the city being photographed.

Aren't they gorgeous? They're huge photographs too, and looking at them I was just really struck by how beautiful they were, yet they were simultaneously a reminder of how much light pollution we humans give off...just really interesting work around pollution and environmental issues presented in this really unsettlingly (distractingly?) beautiful package.

She was also really open about her challenges as an artist, and gave a lot of really good advice about people who want to be creative (even if you, like me, can't draw to save your life). The thing that really struck me the most was she said about how there are so many ways of being in the world; how we need to keep in touch with ourselves about what we really want and who we want in our lives. How important the people that surround us are, and how easy it is to lose touch of what gives us the greatest, truest happiness; how we really need to protect that part of ourselves.

I think it is always so easy to get lost in the doing and the moving, and lose sight of the being. This semester I've been such a train wreck, really, always feeling like pieces are slipping away or rushing up at me with head-slicing force- I'm really stressing out about finals because it is so difficult to carve out that study time that I really need. I've been filling my days with STUFF that I HAVE to do (e.g. final supervisor meetings, interviews, paper-writing) but all I really want to do is to sit down somewhere and really understand accounting and microeconomics, and there's this little tic in me that's freaking out every time I spend time on something else. Even if it's something related to my grade, the way my papers are- I want to do too much, want to hold on to too much.

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