January 15, 2012

Coco Avant Chanel

I watched Coco Avant Chanel on Friday and what struck me the most about the movie was Chanel's wardrobe (though the rest of the film was pretty good as well)- the easy, luxe aesthetic of Coco's choices, but especially in the later part of the movie, when she started dressing in these coolly menswear-inspired choices. It reminded me a lot of the new Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 collaboration, though with less crazy prints, or the Chloe Resort 2012 collection, which I saw in the Chloe store in Paris and would have bought the entire collection if financially capable of doing so without giving my mother a heart attack.
EEP I love the loose silk button ups tucked into long, straight skirts. The perfect business casual look.

Images from the official film website.

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