January 16, 2012

I resolve

I'm half a month late, but seeing as school is starting tomorrow I guess there is no better time to set some GROUND RULES for this upcoming semester:
01 I will strive for balance and perspective at all times. Last semester I basically threw my hands up and offered my life to the gods of too much work, too much stress, and not enough focus on school- it was so easy how that happened, actually, not doing readings, giving excuses for skipping class. This semester I will focus on school, but also remember that these competing concerns (recruiting, extracurriculars) are nothing compared to focusing on MYSELF (that sounds a little terrible of me)- taking the time to savour my coffee in the morning, eat properly, being happy. To put this more actionably: I will attend all classes, I will do all my readings, I will say no.
02 I will Skype my family at least once a week, no matter how busy/ stressed/ insane school gets. What my mother Whatsapped me is true- everyday we have with Konger is a day to be cherished.
03 I will allow myself to fail. I will allow myself the privilege of trying things I am unfamiliar with, the privilege of putting myself out there (jobs, friendships, cooking) with the ACCEPTANCE of possible failure.
Wow this is terribly ambitious, but I'll update midway through the semester about my progress!

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