January 30, 2012

Partners & Spade

So one of the things that I've found out I enjoy about recruiting (yes, I am over my mopey stage and into my finally enjoying the process stage) is that it really forces you to get off your butt and focus energies on doing what you're passionate about. I am the LAZIEST person in the world if not pushed to do stuff, and recruiting has definitely pushed me to do things that I usually never do- like asking people for help, cold-emailing people for coffee chats, even researching extensively on the things I am interested in (I think it's an Asian phenomenon not to want to intrude on people. Which I always feel like I am when I ask someone out for coffee.) But in the process I have had so many awesome conversations, yummy meals, and been able to reconnect with friends and so I'm actually quite glad for recruiting!

Another thing is just research into firms I like/ branding and marketing things (which I am super interested in, but usually never have the time to do sustained research into). One firm that I've always admired and admire even more now that I've dug a little into their portfolio is storefront/ studio Partners & Spade:

Their client list includes kate spade new york, J Crew, Jack Spade; they also did the page layout rebranding for Lucky Magazine. They've perfected the art of the (veering on hipster) casual-cool aesthetic- clearly reflected in their client list. I love it. The old men with the model airplanes for Jack Spade- perfection. Totally captures the spirit of Jack Spade.

All images from the Partners & Spade website.

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